Fit Guide

Womenswear Fit Guide

How to ensure a good fit

At Diana Ferrari, our fit specialists and quality control team are dedicated to ensuring that every garment corresponds to our size charts. To ensure you receive styles that are the perfect fit, please take a moment to measure yourself and then use these measurements to select the correct diana ferrari size for you.

- Use your exact measurements when selecting your size.
- Keep the tape firm, but not tight. Ensure that it's kept straight around the area you are measuring.
- Measure over underwear.

Bust Measure around the fullest part of the bust and across the shoulder blades
Waist Measure around natural waistline keeping tape comfortably loose
Hip Measure around the fullest part of the hipline.

Body Points of Measurement 6 8 10 12 14 16 18
Chest Circumference (cm) 81 86 91 96 101 106 111
Wasist Circumference (cm) 62 67 72 77 82 87 92
Hip Circumference (cm) 88 93 98 103 108 113 118

Footwear Fit Guide

Footwear Measuring Tips

Whilst seated, place your foot on a piece of paper in front of you. With a pencil, trace around foot. Hold the pencil as straight up as possible while measuring and ensure the pencil remains in contact with your foot during this process. With a ruler measure the distance between the two points on your drawing, reduce this number by 5mm, and the result is your foot length and the number you will use to determine your shoe size.

To measure the distance of your foot girth refer to the diagram on the right.

Footwear Size Guide

Please keep in mind that this is only a guide.

Please also keep in mind that the Supersoft by Diana Ferrari footwear collection is a wider C fitting collection, and has a different girth as noted below. If you are not completely happy with the fit for a particular purchase you can return the item or exchange it for a different size. Please refer to the returns policy and follow the relevant instructions.

Shoe Size (USA/AU) 5 5.5 6 6.5 7 7.5 8 8.5 9 9.5 10 10.5 11 11.5 12 13
ITALY/EURO 35.5 36 36.5 37 37.5 38 38.5 39 39.5 40 40.5 41 41.5 42 42.5 43
Measurements in millimetres:
by Diana Ferrari- Length
229.31 233.54 237.77 242.0 246.23 250.46 254.69 258.92 263.15 267.61 271.61 275.84 280.07 284.3 288.53 292.76
by Diana Ferrari- Girth
209.49 212.66 215.83 219.0 222.17 225.34 228.51 231.68 234.85 238.02 241.19 244.36 247.53 250.7 253.87 257.04
Diana Ferrari- Length 229.31 233.54 237.77 242 246.23 250.46 254.69 258.92 263.15 267.38 271.61 275.84 280.07 284.3 288.53 292.76
Diana Ferrari -Girth 206.49 209.66 212.83 216 219.17 222.34 225.51 228.68 231.85 235.02 238.19 241.36 244.53 247.7 250.87 254.04

Womenswear Care Guide

  • We strongly recommend that you always read the care label and washing instructions before washing your
    diana ferrari garments.

  • It is worthwhile sorting your laundry into groups with similar washing/care instructions and organise into whites, darks and colours. This will ensure garment colours are not unduly affected by other the garments they are washed with.

  • It is not advisable to ever leave garments with white and contrast coloured panels soaking for prolonged periods as it may cause the colours to run.

  • Garments with metal trims should also not be soaked for prolonged periods.

  • We recommend turning garments inside out before washing them.


  • For particularly delicate items, it can be worthwhile placing the garment inside a garment washing bag to protect it in the wash (such as a hosiery washing bag).

  • The care label washing temperature is the highest permitted temperature. But if you are unsure, always wash at a lower temperature rather than higher.

  • Avoid using too much detergent.

  • Do not use fabric detergents which contain bleach.

  • Remember not to tumble dry a garment unless it is indicated on the care label.

  • Do not iron prints, trims or embellishments as this may cause damage.

Footwear Care Guide

  • Regularly polish your diana ferrari footwear.

  • Ensure you remove any dust or dirt with a soft brush or cloth before polishing.

  • Always remember to protect your suede and nubuck footwear with an appropriate protector before wear. The diana ferrari Water & Stain Protector (available from diana ferrari retail boutiques) is ideal for repelling water and stains to keep shoes clean and dry, in addition to prolonging the life of your shoes. A suede brush will also help to keep the suede looking new.

  • For heeled products, check your heel tips regularly. When your heel tips start to wear down, take them to a good shoe repair shop and have them replaced to avoid slipping or causing further damage to your shoes

  • If your shoes accidentally get wet, stuff them with newspaper and allow them to dry naturally, away from a direct heat source. This will prevent the outer materials drying out and cracking

  • If your shoes feel too firm, consider the diana ferrari Stretch Spray which stretches leather shoes for lasting relief and comfort


  • Gel Cushions can also enhance your level of comfort when wearing heels

  • When purchasing leather products from diana ferrari please remember that it is a natural product and some variations
    between pairs in terms of colour and finishes may occur

  • Our diana ferrari retail boutiques also offer a selection of product care items designed to assist you in maintaining the beauty of your shoes, including the below:

  • diana ferrari Leather Conditioner
    - nourishes, rejuvenates, beautifies and cleans leather garments and accessories.

  • diana ferrari Leather Gel
    - cleans and preserves delicate and smooth leathers.

  • diana ferrari Mini Instant Shine
    - cleans and shines leather and vinyl of various colours instantly

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